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Summertide Stitchery

Ultimate Thread Guide

Ultimate Thread Guide

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*50 Threads Types Included in the Guide*

At Summertide Stitchery, we understand that choosing the right thread for your stitching project can be overwhelming, but fear not! With a little guidance, you'll learn to pick the perfect thread for your masterpiece.

When selecting a thread, it's essential to consider the canvas size and durability requirements of your project. For example, if you're stitching on a 13 Mesh canvas, you would want to use a thicker thread like wool or silk, as they provide the coverage you need without sacrificing the texture. In contrast, if you're working on a smaller canvas, say an 18 Mesh, you might prefer a thinner thread like cotton floss that allows for more intricate detail.

This guide explores the most common types of threads and their use cases in needlepoint. 

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