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Kate Dickerson

Mexican Embroidery Circle

Mexican Embroidery Circle

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Indulge in the timeless elegance of our Mexican Embroidery Circle Needlepoint Canvas. Made with 13 mesh design and 14" square embroidery, this premium product exudes sophistication. The 18" square canvas allows for intricate and detailed stitching, perfect for showcasing your artistic flair. Elevate your home décor with this exclusive piece.

  • 13 Mesh
  • Design: 14" Square
  • Canvas: 18" Square

All canvases come bound with a tapestry needle. 

Kit Info

  • Cotton is 1.95/skein
  • Silk/Wool blend is $2.75/card (18 mesh) or $6.25/skein (13 mesh)
  • For questions regarding dye lot numbers please out directly

Choosing a kit with thread option will result in a separate invoice being sent for the threads. Canvas and threads will ship together after the invoice for threads has been paid.

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