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Rachel Donley

Green Donut Cup

Green Donut Cup

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Craft your way to a sweet masterpiece with our Green Donut Cup Needlepoint Canvas! With 18 mesh for easy stitching, this canvas features a 3" x 5" design on a 7" x 11" base. Perfect for donut lovers and craft enthusiasts alike! (Sprinkles not included).

  • 18 Mesh
  • Design: 3" x 5"
  • Canvas: 7" x 11"

All canvases come bound with a tapestry needle.

Kit Info

  • Cotton is 1.95/skein
  • Silk/Wool blend is $2.75/card (18 mesh) or $6.25/skein (13 mesh)
  • For questions regarding dye lot numbers please out directly

Choosing a kit with thread option will result in a separate invoice being sent for the threads. Canvas and threads will ship together after the invoice for threads has been paid.

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