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Why We Created Summertide

Picture this scene: 

Its spring 2021 and I had just seen one of my favorite influencers post about doing something called needlepoint. I'd never heard of it, but the pillow was adorable and I wanted to make one. I had been searching for a new hobby - something to help manage the post-partum back to work stress and needlepoint seemed to fit the bill. I did a quick google search, found a local shop and set out to make my first purchase. 

When I arrived, I found the door locked despite it being the middle of the day and clearly during stated business hours. I knocked. A woman came to the door and asked what I wanted. I wanted to buy needlepoint supplies (duh, why else would I be here??). She sighed a deep sigh and let me in. Then I noticed the room filled with eager eyes staring at the newcomer. You could hear a pin drop. It was so uncomfortable; I was so uncomfortable. I had expected a standard retail experience and what I got was the feeling that I had accidentally interrupted the meeting of a secret society. 

Can you relate?

This is why I created Summertide Stitchery - I created the shopping experience that I wanted. I want to be able to browse online. I want seamless checkout. I want fast and free shipping. I want to shop for canvases at all hours of the day. And mostly, I want to avoid the feeling of being judged when I walk into a physical shop. 

Are all needlepoint shops like this? Of course not! There are so many wonderful LNSs in the needlepoint community ready and willing to welcome new stitchers into the fold with a thoughtful retail experience and a friendly face. 

And yet, it's still difficult to find the shopping experience I prefer in this industry. 

Summertide is built on four principles: 

1. Excellent User Experience

2. Fast and Free Shipping on every order

3. Increasing Needlepoint Accessibility

4. Having a Canvas for Everyone

I can't wait to introduce you to Summertide Stitchery through a series of posts focused on each of our four principles. Stay tuned!

Get to stitchin' yall! 

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