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Elevated Needlepoint Shopping Experience - Summertide Core Principles

Ever felt lost in the needlepoint shopping maze? I have. I saw a canvas online but then I'm not able to purchase it because its wholesale only. I go to my LNS only to find that they don't have a functioning website at all. So I have to call, or DM, or drive out there. Then they don't have the canvas in stock. I order it, and it takes 12 weeks to get. I can get my avocados with one click online overnight but not my needlepoint canvas? That's crazy. 

At Summertide, we're all about making your online shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. No more endless scrolling or confusing navigation. Our website is designed with you in mind, making it easy to find your perfect hand-painted canvas or fresh stitch ideas.

And guess what? We're not just about selling products. We're here to guide you, answer your questions, and make sure you feel supported in your needlepoint journey. There are helpful notes in every product description including canvas size and thread recommendations. Our upgraded search feature allows you to filter and find what you are looking for quickly and seamlessly. 

So, ready to elevate your needlepoint shopping experience? Dive into Summertide Stitchery today!

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