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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Summertide's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Obviously, needlepoint makes the best gift. But maybe it's not the only gift. Without further ado, here are Summertide's picks for 2023 gifting. 

For The Frequent Flier

Universal Travel Adapter - Buy one adapter and be done with it. This one is compact, provides USB ports, and will work all over the world. 

Foldable Wireless Charger - this charger will save a life. Not literally, but maybe? Its USB cord can plug right into an airplane seat and charge all of your devices at once. It folds down so it can slide into your purse with no hassle. Used in conjunction with your universal adapter and you've got it made.

Subtl Makeup Stack- When I say this is life changing, I am not being dramatic. This stack elimates the need to carry bulky makeup with you. No liquids so your carry-on will thank you. It's small, it's sleek, it's a travel game changer. 

Loop 3-in-1 Earplugs - Choose your sound level. Want to hear the gate agent's announcements but not the weird phone convo next to you? These are the earplugs for you. You can set them at 17-25 dB and they come with a convenient carrying case. 

Paris Passport Stamp - Headed to Paris, Texas but really wishing you were on your way to Paris, France? Grab the next best thing to reality. Relax with a needlepoint canvas and let your travel anxieties melt into a calming basketweave. 

 For The Friend Still Talking About the Eras Tour

Gift guide graphic showing gifts for the friend still talking about the eras tour.

Friendship Bracelet Kit - this doesn't really need an explanation. Let them run wild making bracelets for everyone!

Wildest Dreams Needlepoint Canvas - in your wildest dreams could you ever imagine a canvas so fun to stitch? We've got them in stock, so grab it while you can!

Sequin Top - I can still make the whole place shimmer - and so can you! With a sequin top. This 5-star sequin cami is the perfect gift. Wear to a holiday party, or just to the grocery store because damn, if you don't miss sparkling. 

YSL Lipstick in Rare Rose - Does your friend have that red lip, classic look? Are you hoping to attract your James Dean daydream? This YSL lipstick is the perfect gift!

For The Beach Bum

 XL Bogg Bag - This bag is a beach lifesaver (not literally). Its sand and water-proof. It holds its shape. Its lightweight. 

Bogg Bag Key Clip - The key clip add on to the bogg bag just brings the entire thing over the edge. Easily clip your keys and sunglasses onto the bag so they don't get lost in the bottom. 

Wide Brim Visor - Obviously if you are spending all day at the beach then you need some sun protection. But what of your hair? This visor is the real deal. Easily rolls up for travel, has a wide brim for maximum sun protection and is an easy on and off situation. 

The Best Face Sunscreen - While you're on the skin protection kick, grab this sunscreen. Won't break you out. Provides great protection. No white-cast. It can't be beat. 

Sunnies - And of course what would you be without some trendy sunnies. Want to look cute but don't want to bring the expensive sunglasses to the beach? Grab these. Exceptionally well-priced. Exceptionally cute. 

Beach Ornament - And lasty, if you're going to be on the beach all day of course you need your stitching. This ornament is the perfect on theme stitch for your day in the sun. 

 For That Friend Who Reminds You it's Not Champagne Unless it Comes From Champagne

We all know this person. We all love this person. We also love to hate on this person. But they still need a gift. So try some of these. 

The Best Comprehensive Wine Book - This book provides an overview of all the grape varietals, wine growing regions, and tasting notes. Its the perfect way to sound snobby.

S'Well Wine Chiller - Stainless steel, but looks like wood. It's an exceptionally chic option. 

PureWine Wine Wand - Forget those wine headaches. Just swirl a wand in your drink before drinking and the sulfates will be gone. You can enjoy your glass without feeling it tomorrow. 

Champagne Stoppers - When you do finally get Champagne, you probably don't want to drink an entire bottle in one sitting but what good is flat Champagne? Grab these stoppers to make it last longer. 

Stemless Champagne Glasses - This modern twist on the Champagne flute is sure to leave an impression on party guests. Its also way harder to accidentally knock over. Win win!

Ginger Jar Champagne Canvas - What better way to unwind than with a glass of bubbly while stitching some bubbly. This canvas is the perfect gift for that Champagne loving friend and since you can't see the label they'll never know if it was actually Champagne or just sparking wine. 

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